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What are the precautions for operating the Gantry Machining Center?

Workshop safety and equipment operation procedures have always been a major event advocated by the company, and the Longmen Machining Center is a production facility for processing large parts. There are many types of gantry machining centers in the form of fixed beam, moving beam, moving column, bridge and composite. It is difficult to operate without professional operational knowledge. Then, I w...

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What are the advantages of drilling and milling center?

With the development of society, in the field of metal cutting, basic functions such as drilling, milling, and tapping are no longer a problem in vertical CNC machine tools, but with the changes of the times, ordinary vertical CNC machines have become increasingly difficult to satisfy. The higher demand of customers, more and more people are looking for faster, more high-precision machinery and eq...

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The Reason that the CNC Lathe is Unstable

The reason that the CNC lathe is unstable is as follows: The connection between the servo motor shaft and the lead screw is loose, causing the lead screw pre-motor to be out of synchronization with the dimension error. Just check the servo motor and screw shaft coupling mark. Moving the stage (or turret) back and forth at a faster rate results in significant relative movement of the two ends of th...

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Why do machine cutting need cutting fluid?

Metal processing methods, including cutting is the most common metal processing, the most widely used one. The use of cutting fluid plays an important role in metal cutting. In the metal cutting process, the tool and the workpiece, the interface between the cutter and the chip have a great friction, cutting force, cutting heat and workpiece deformation increases, resulting in tool wear and tear, b...

Chip removal problems troubleshooting

CNC end face drilling center hole machine adopts spiral chip conveyor, chip processing along the slope of the bed fell to the spiral chip conveyor where the groove, the screw rotation, the groove in the chip by the spiral Rod to promote continuous forward movement, eventually discharged into the chip collection box. In order to separate the cutting fluid from the waste during the process of machin...

The Reason For Unstable Machining Of Machine Center Part One

1, accurate workpiece size, poor surface finish The reason of the problem is that the tool tip is damaged and not sharp; the machine tool resonance occurs and the position is not stable; the machine tool has creeping phenomenon; the processing technology is not good. Solution: tool wear or damage is not sharp, then re sharpening tool or choose a better tool to machine resonance; or place is not st...

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