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CNC machining center requirements for fixtures

CNC machining center requirements for fixtures:
High precision fixture
As we all know, the precision of CNC machining centers is very high, generally used for processing parts or molds with high precision. The CNC machining center also puts forward the requirements for high-precision positioning and installation of fixtures, as well as the requirements of indexing and positioning accuracy.
The fixture is convenient and fast when clamping the workpiece
In order to meet the high-speed machining fixture of the CNC machining center, the quick-locking power such as hydraulic and pneumatic is used, especially for the workpiece with long processing time. The general hydraulic clamping system is equipped with a reservoir, which can be supplemented. Leakage prevents the workpiece from loosening on the fixture.
The fixture should have good openness
The CNC machining center is fed by the tool to the workpiece. The workpiece should be provided with a relatively large running space for the fast moving tool and the fast change of the tool under the clamp. Especially for workpieces with complex multiple tool changes, the structure of the fixture should be as simple, convenient, fast and open as possible, so that the tool can easily enter and exit, preventing the tool from colliding with the fixture workpiece during the machining movement.
Fixtures should be highly adaptable
We all know that the CNC machining center is maneuverable and multi-deformed during processing, so it is required to have high adaptability to different workpieces and different 


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