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TE-Series-The Ultimate & All Rounder

1. The Ultimate and All Rounder Series In this highly competitive era, change and challenger take place everyday, of course this is also happening to manufacturing industry. With endless pursue to perfection for more than 29 years, Takam found an excellent solution to tackle all of this -- TE-Series CNC Vertical Machining Centers. TE- Series is quite suitable for parts production due to its cuttin...

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The Advantage of CNC Machine Center

CNC machine center has the following advantages: A large number of tooling and machining of complex parts without complicated tooling are needed. If you want to change the shape and size of the parts, you only need to modify the parts processing program, suitable for new product development and modification. Our CNC machine center quality is stable, the machining precision is high, and the repeata...

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CNC Machine Center Technology

CNC technology is related to China's industrial security, economic security and national defense security of national strategic high technology. From the mobile phone, home appliances, automobile manufacturing, manufacturing aircraft, missiles, submarines, all cannot do without numerical control technology is the core technology in equipment manufacturing, accelerate the transformation of economic...

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The Difference Between Vertical Machine Center And Horizontal Machine Center

The difference between vertical and horizontal machining center main: 1. the spindle structure of the two products is different. Vertical machining center refers to the machining center with vertical spindle, and horizontal machining center refers to the machining center with horizontal spindle. 2. the column structure of two products is different. Vertical machining center column generally does n...

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How To Protect The Parts Of Vertical Machine Center

As we all know, vertical machining center is composed of general control electrical, CNC CNC system, servo control system, basic casting, hydraulic system and pneumatic system. Its automatic processing degree and composite processing ability is strong, as a processing equipment, to normal use, no fault and prolong its service life, must be regularly for maintenance. So we usually do maintenance of...

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How to Test The Accuracy Of Vertical Machining Center?

How to test the working accuracy of vertical machining center? The materials, cutting tools and cutting parameters are selected according to the agreement between the manufacturer and the user and should be recorded. The recommended cutting parameters are as follows: Cutting speed: cast iron is about 50m / min; aluminum is about 300m / min. Feed rate: about (0.05 ~ 0.10) mm / tooth. Depth of cut: ...

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