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How to choose the process content of CNC machining?

Taking into account the number and type of CNC machine tools owned by the company, the processing cost of small CNC machining parts, production efficiency and other factors, for a specific part, usually only part of the process is arranged on the CNC machine for processing. Other processes are scheduled to be machined on conventional machine tools, such as locating holes and positioning datum planes. Therefore, after obtaining the parts, the drawings must be carefully analyzed, and the most suitable and most necessary process of CNC machining should be selected to fully utilize the advantages of CNC machining while ensuring quality and reducing costs.
When selecting, generally consider the following order:
1. Content that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools should be used as the preferred content;
2. It is difficult to process with ordinary machine tools, and the processing content that is difficult to guarantee quality should be selected as the key content;
3. The processing efficiency of ordinary machine tools is low, and the manual labor intensity of workers can be selected on the basis of the surplus capacity of CNC machine tools.
The main manifestations of problems in the use of small CNC machining CNC lathe machining systems are the following four aspects:
1. How to effectively check the rationality of the NC code in the machining process and avoid accidental collision between the tool and the machine tool, the tool and the workpiece;
2. How to quickly diagnose and alarm the failure of CNC machine tools to avoid damage to the machine tool and scrapping of the workpiece;
3. How to accurately and timely judge the damage and wear of the tool, not only to avoid unnecessary waste caused by premature tool change, but also to avoid the unqualified quality of the workpiece caused by the tool change too late;
4. How to timely detect, compensate and control the errors existing in the machining process, which is not only important for the general machining process, but also important for finishing and superfinishing.


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