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How to use CNC machine tools reasonably?

How to use CNC machine tools reasonably?
The use of CNC machine tools is more difficult than the use of ordinary machine tools, because CNC machine tools are typical mechatronic products, which involve a wide range of knowledge, that is, operators should have a wider range of expertise in machine, electricity, liquid, gas, etc. Therefore, the quality requirements for the operators are very high. At present, a phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that there are more and more users of CNC machine tools, but the utilization rate of machine tools is not high. Of course, sometimes the production tasks are not full, but there is a more critical factor that the quality of CNC operators is not high enough. I don’t know how to deal with some problems, especially the newly purchased machine tools. Due to the quality problems of electronic components and the vibrations in transportation, some faults appear in the CNC system within 3 to 6 months after the official production. It is not found in the maintenance manual, and it may never have been encountered before. This requires the user to have higher quality, be able to calmly deal with the problem, be clear-headed, have strong judgment on the spot, and of course should have a solid CNC. Basics, etc. Under normal circumstances, the machine tool manufacturers will provide users with technical training opportunities when purchasing new machine tools. Although the time is not long, they are highly targeted, and users should pay attention to them. The personnel should be included in the future machine operators. The improvement of the overall quality of operators is not a one-off event, but it must be sustained for a long time. It should be accumulated in the future use. There is also a way to try to visit some old users of similar machine tools. They have strong practice. Experience, the most able to speak, can ask for their help, let them carry out certain training for the operator, which is the most effective way to improve the overall quality of the operator in a short time.
First, follow the correct operating procedures
Regardless of the machine tool, it has its own set of operating procedures. It is not only one of the important measures to ensure the safety of operators, but also an important measure to ensure equipment safety and product quality. The user must operate correctly according to the operating procedures. If the machine is used for the first time or not used for a long time, let it idle for a few minutes. Pay attention to the sequence of power-on and power-off and precautions during use (such as manual or use after power on) Program instructions automatically refer to the point of reference), these should be paid enough attention to beginners, because they lack the corresponding operational training, and often make mistakes in this regard.
Second, create a good environment for use
With the advancement of science and technology, in general, the use environment of CNC machine tools has no harsh requirements, and can be placed in the same production workshop as ordinary machine tools. That being said, since CNC machine tools contain a large number of electronic components, they are most afraid of direct sunlight, and are also afraid of moisture, dust, vibration, etc. These uniformities can cause electronic components to be corroded or cause short circuits between components, causing The machine is not working properly. These are usually taken care of when installing the machine. For the user, the main concern is the protection of the surrounding environment. For example, when it is raining, it is necessary to take care not to bring the umbrella to the production site and replace the shoes.
Third, try to increase the starting rate of the machine tool
After the purchase of CNC machine tools, if its starting rate is not high, this will not only make the funds invested by the users not play a role in reproduction, but also a worrying problem is that it is likely to be over-warranty, equipment failures need to pay extra The maintenance cost, because the newly purchased equipment has a certain period of warranty period, from the past experience, the initial failure rate of CNC equipment is relatively large in the initial use, the user should make full use of the machine tool during this period, so that The weak links are exposed as early as possible and can be resolved during the warranty period. Usually lack of production tasks, can not be idle, this is not the protection of equipment, but because of long-term use, may accelerate the deterioration or damage of electronic components due to damp and other reasons. The user should periodically power on each empty operation for about 1 hour, and use the heat generated by the machine to remove or reduce the humidity inside the machine.


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