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Processing center debugging steps and precautions?

The machining center adjusts the test operation according to the following steps -1) Refueling a lubrication point according to the requirements of the manual, filling the hydraulic oil tank with the required hydraulic oil, and turning on the air source. 2) energizing, each component is separately powered or parts After a power-on test, fully power supply. Observe whether there is any alarm for ea...

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What are the causes of scratches in the machining of CNC machining center holes, and how to deal with them?

When the CNC machining center processes the workpiece, problems such as scratches, cracks, and roughness are inevitable. These problems can be solved. If you know the problem, you can handle it in a targeted manner. . Today, Xiaobian mainly introduces the causes of scratches during processing and the treatment methods. Now many machining centers can be equipped with a fourth axis. The machining ce...

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What kind of workpieces can the machining center process?

The machining center is divided into machining centers such as three-axis, four-axis and five-axis according to the motion axis. The larger the motion axis, the wider the processing range. It is said that the machining center can process box-like workpieces, curved-surface workpieces, profiled workpieces, and discs, sleeves, and plate-like workpieces. These workpieces can be processed using machin...

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What are the power requirements for CNC machine tools?

The power supply is the energy support part that keeps the system working properly. The direct result of failure or failure is the system downtime or the destruction of the entire system. In addition, part of the numerical control system operating data, setting data and processing programs are generally stored in the RAM memory, and after the system is powered off, it is maintained by a backup bat...

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Exploring the outstanding advantages of CNC machine tools compared to ordinary or traditional machine tools

From the requirements of the development of manufacturing technology, with the emergence of new materials and new processes, and the demand for low cost in the market competition, metal cutting is moving towards higher cutting speed and precision, higher production efficiency and system. More and more reliable development. This requires higher precision CNC machine tools developed on the basis of ...

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What are the requirements of the CNC machining center for the CNC system?

CNC machining centers use computer control to ensure that the processed parts are highly repeatable. However, in order to obtain a certain function, the signal input to the controller undergoes a series of processing, which inevitably requires distortion and delay. Therefore, in high-speed machining, to maintain high machining accuracy, we must take certain measures to reduce distortion and delay....

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What are the safe handling techniques for vertical machining centers?

(1) Alarm. The CNC system has self-diagnosis capability for its software, hardware, and faults. This function is used to monitor whether the entire process is normal and to promptly report an alarm. Common alarms are machine self-locking (drive power off); an error message is displayed on the screen; the warning light is on; the buzzer is called. (2) Emergency stop processing. When an abnormal sit...

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What are the factors causing the tool imbalance in the CNC machining center?

In the use of CNC machining centers, tool imbalance may occur. If you do not adjust it in time, it will affect the processing results. Therefore, we must always pay attention to whether the NC machining center tool balance. What is the main reason for the imbalance of the handle? The main reasons for CNC machining are the asymmetry of tool design, defects in the tool body, and all adjustments on t...

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What are the differences between the line rails and hard rails of CNC machine tools?

The line rails and the hard rails are all linear movements on the machine tool, such as the movement of the table and the headstock. Tracks usually refer to rolling guides, often referred to as "linear guides". The linear guide itself is divided into two parts: the slide rail and the slider. Inside the slider there are internal circulating balls or rollers. The length of the slide can be customize...

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What kind of workpiece is suitable for CNC machining?

Since CNC lathes can not only reduce personnel costs, they can also reduce the defective rate of goods, and can also process cluttered parts with good precision. Therefore, some general-purpose machine tools cannot be processed because they need to be processed by CNC machine tools. There is also a general-purpose machine tool. Difficult-to-machine and difficult-to-guaranteed CNC machine tools can...

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