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What are the factors that cause tool imbalance in CNC machining centers?

During the use of the CNC machining center, tool imbalance may occur. If we do not adjust in time, it will affect the processing effect. For this reason, we should pay attention to the balance of the CNC machining center tools from time to time. What is the main reason for the imbalance of the handle?

The main reason for this is the asymmetry of the tool design, the defect in the tool body and all the adjustments on the tool. Properly balanced tools can significantly reduce noise and vibration, which increases tool life and consistent part accuracy.

The centrifugal force of the CNC machining center amplifies the vibration caused by the imbalance in a proportional relationship with the square of the speed. The resulting increase in vibration of the CNC machining center at the machining center minimizes the life of the bearings, bearings, shafts, spindles and gears.

Before balancing the tool in the CNC machining center, it is necessary to measure the magnitude of the unbalance and the angular position of each selected correction plane. These variables were measured on two general-purpose balancers: a non-rotating or gravity machine for measuring a single plane imbalance, and a rotary or centrifuge for measuring a single plane or two plane imbalances.

After measuring the magnitude and angle of the unbalance in the correct plane, you can correct it by adding material from the workpiece or removing the material. CNC Machining Center For components that are not tooling, the most widely used material addition method in the Drill Center is to weld the weight on the component.

Other approaches to components that are slightly unbalanced include adding solder to the component body or adding weight to the pre-drilled hole. For tools, when you determine the imbalance, you must remove the material to get the right balance. The easiest and most effective way is to drill.

This is a quick adjustment and the amount of material removed can be precisely controlled. Another option is milling, which is the most efficient way to balance thin-walled tools or to force shallow cutting.


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