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What are the principles of CNC machining centers for CNC lathes?

What are the principles of CNC machining centers for CNC lathes?
    When we use CNC machine tools to machine parts, it is usually necessary to control the various actions of the machine. One is to control the sequence of actions, and the other is to control the displacement of each moving part of the machine. When using ordinary CNC machine tools, such operations such as driving, stopping, passing, reversing, spindle shifting and switching cutting fluid are directly controlled by humans. When machining with automatic machine tools and profiling CNC machines, the above-mentioned operation and motion parameters are controlled by analog devices such as cams, cams and stops, which can process more complex parts. There is a certain degree of flexibility and versatility, but the machining accuracy of the parts is affected by the manufacturing precision of the cam and the master, and the process preparation time is also long.
    When machining parts with CNC machine tools, it is only necessary to program the part graphics, process parameters, machining steps, etc. in the form of digital information into the machine control system, and then convert them into instructions for driving the servo mechanism. The signal, which controls the coordinated action of the various parts of the machine tool, automatically processes the parts. When the machining object is replaced, only the program code needs to be rewritten and input to the machine tool, and most of the functions of the human brain and hands can be replaced by the numerical control device, and the entire process of the machining is controlled to manufacture arbitrarily complex parts.
    The control system of CNC machine tools can control the machine tool to realize the automatic start, stop, reverse and shifting of the spindle according to the digital program command. It can automatically control the feed speed, direction and machining route, and can process the tool, and can select the tool and adjust the knife according to the tool size. The amount and walking trajectory can complete various auxiliary actions required for machining.


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