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How to deal with CNC machining center problem?

CNC Machining Center is the best combination of high efficiency, high speed, automation technology and CNC technology. It is the perfect unity of high performance and economy. Machining center is equipped with a tool magazine, with automatic tool change function, the workpiece after a clamping multi-process CNC machine tools. Machining center is a highly mechanical and electrical integration produ...

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What is the Vertical machining center lubrication principle?

Vertical machining center lubrication system Simply put, is the separate supply of lubricating oil and compressed air mixed to form a turbulent flow of oil and gas mixture for delivery to the machining center spindle or other lubrication parts. The use of compressed air flow in the pipe, lubricating oil along the pipe wall to drive a continuous flow of oil and gas mixture will be sent to the machi...

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What's The Feature Of CNC Machine Center?

With the development of social science and technology, the development of many industries are thriving at present. the development of CNC machining center is very fast, the development trend is very good, then what is the characteristics of cnc machining center? What is the trend in the process of development? The CNC machine tool in the machining center is relatively efficient and highly accurate...

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How to solve the machine center slide guide way problem?

CNC machine center slide guideway should be carefully calibrated before assembly, to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool. Large CNC machine center, such as CNC gantry milling machine, CNC floor milling machine, CNC lathe and other heavy duty, the bed is longer, mostly composed of several sections, the bed guide way in the vertical plane of the straightness adjustment, generally according to ma...

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How to optimize the key structure components of the vertical machining center?

Vertical machining center refers to the spindle axis and the table vertically set vertical machining center, machining center applicable to the processing boards, plates, molds and small parts of the complex shell. Vertical machining center to complete the milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads and other processes. Vertical machining center at least three-axis two linkage, the gene...

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Chip removal problems troubleshooting

CNC end face drilling center hole machine adopts spiral chip conveyor, chip processing along the slope of the bed fell to the spiral chip conveyor where the groove, the screw rotation, the groove in the chip by the spiral Rod to promote continuous forward movement, eventually discharged into the chip collection box. In order to separate the cutting fluid from the waste during the process of machin...

How to choose CNC drilling machine performance and price?

Speaking of CNC drilling machine is such practicality and price of machinery and equipment, which is the initial purchase of such equipment in mind, at present China's machinery is also very good quality, a large export, CNC drilling the same. Whether the machining can reasonably utilize its superior performance, it also needs to take into account the survival of the fittest CNC drilling machine. ...

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What is CNC machining center machine processing technology?

The structural features of the parts The parts of the material for the hard aluminum LY12, the cutting performance is good, is a typical thin-walled disc structure, larger size, peripheral and internal ribs thickness of only 2mm, cavity depth of 27mm. The parts in the process if the process or processing parameters set improper, easily deformed, resulting in size tolerance. Process Analysis The ro...

What CNC positioning principles does CNC machine center have?

In order to avoid finishing parts after several non-important dimensional processing, multiple turnaround, resulting in parts deformation, bump scratch, the machining center to complete the process is generally arranged at the end.   When both the machining center in the machining center and finish the processing of the station, the positioning of the benchmark to consider the completion of p...

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