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different moon-cake gambling

Xiamen Takam Machinery Co., Ltd. organized all the staff to play the Moon - cake gambling outside,  climbing + barbecue + moon-cake gambling, these special activities were supported and praised by all colleagues.

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 mountain climbing

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Playing water and barbecuing

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a different Mid-Autumn Festival,

a different enjoyment,

a different party,

These were all happen in the original ecological valley

To barbecuing near the stream is different. We play water while barbecued.

Moon-cake gambling in the meadow

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How about it?is it different from the previous moon-cake gambling. Climb the mountain + barbecue +moon-cake gambling, enjoy the nature, take your ease and take a deep breath, it must be more comfortable compare to dine together in the restaurant. If you will, you can also camp. there are flat and comfortable lawns, as well as tents. You are able to bonfire in the evening, drinking and singing. the sound is ready for you. If you like, pls. act soon. Bring your family, colleagues, classmates, and friends to visit the Takam Valley.

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[Takam Valley Address]: Takam Valley Camping Base, Lianhua Town, Tong'an District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

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[Contact Phone]: 0592-7196377, 18030316002 (WeChat with the same number)


  Bus: Take the No. 613 bus to the Jingnei station, cross the road 10 meters ahead, walk straight across the bridge then walk 1.5KM to the Takam Valley

 Welcome to focus the Takam valley wechat 

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