CNC machine tool maintenance

author: Takam

CNC machine tool maintenance

Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools have high machining accuracy and stable quality; and can perform multi-coordinate linkage to process parts with complex shapes; when the machining parts change, only need to change the CNC program to work Greatly saves production preparation time; at the same time, the CNC machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity and can choose a favorable amount of processing, and high productivity; and for the operator, the CNC machine tool has a high degree of automation and greatly reduces labor Strength; but because of the professionalism of the program control system, it is quality requirements for operation and maintenance personnel are relatively high. The maintenance of CNC machine tools is more professional and meticulous than ordinary machine tools. The maintenance personnel must not only have knowledge of machinery, processing technology, and hydraulic pressure but also have knowledge of electronic computers, automatic control, drive, and measurement technology. Understand and master the CNC lathe, and do the maintenance work in time.

Mainly pay attention to 3 points for maintenance:

  1. Optimize the processing and production environment. The specific environment of the use of CNC lathes will affect the normal operation of the machine tool, so when installing and using the machine tool, it should try to meet the specified installation conditions to meet the environmental requirements of the machine tool production. When economic conditions permit, it is best to isolate the CNC lathe from the ordinary machining equipment in order to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the machine tool. At the same time, the factory is regularly cleaned, and the electrical cabinets, circuit boards, etc. are cleaned and inspected.
  2. Train professional tool machine maintenance personnel. This personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of the machine tool, CNC system, strong electrical equipment, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic pressure and other operating conditions, processing conditions, etc., and can use the CNC lathe correctly according to the requirements of the machine tool and system manual.
  3. When the low voltage alarm occurs, the battery must be replaced in time, and the control system must be powered on, otherwise the storage parameters will be lost and the CNC system will not work.

And for long-term idle CNC machine tools. When not in use, the CNC system should always be energized and run under no-load conditions. In the humid area or the rainy season, it should be electrified every day, and the electrical components themselves should be used to drive off the moisture in the CNC cabinet, so as to ensure the stability of the electronic components.