DMC-6045 Customized Moving Column Machine Center With Heavy Load

DMC-6045 Customized Moving Column Machine Center With Heavy Load

  • Model NO. DMC-6045
  • Accept Min order:No
Basic Information
Product Description

The Takam DMC-Series is a customized moving column series machine

1Moving column machine center, work table is stationed in place

a.Machine work table can load high capacitysuitable for larger product

b. With larger work loading space, customer can easily load work piece.

c. Machine accuracy will not be damaged due to heavy work piece weight.

d. Can easily install clamping system, can machine many work pieces at one time. Decrease machine stop tume and decrease production cost.

2X axis uses high accuracy rack and pinion system, ensure the accuracy and stability performance of the machine.

3Standard with auto indexign five face milling head, so the work piece can finish machining in one time, decrease the time for changing work piece, ensure the accuracy for machining parts.

4With moving controlling station, easy access for the operator to follow the progress of the machining. Easy for maintence and operation.

TravelX-axis Travel (mm)6,000
Y-axis Travel (mm)4,500
Z-axis Travel (mm)1,500
Spindle Nose to Worktable Surface (mm)300-1,800
Spindle Center to Stand Column (mm)400(650)
The Spacing Between theTwo Columns (mm)4,000
WorktableWorktable Surface to Beam Height (mm)2,100
Worktable Size (mm)6,000*3,000
T-slot (mm)28*200*11
Max Load on Worktable (kg/m)5,000
SpindleSpindle Speed (rpm)40-3,500
Spindle TaperBT50
Spindle Motor (kw)26/840 NM
Axis Motor (kw)6*4/6/6
Spindle Transmission Ratio1:1,4:1
Standard SpindleGear
AccuracyPositioning ± (mm)0.1
Repeatability ± (mm)±0.015/500
Drive typeX-axisX-axis Rack
Z-axis Counter Weight ModeHydraulic+Nitrogen
FeedrateCutting Speed (mm/min)1-5,000
X/Y/Z Rapid Traverse (m/min)9/10/10
Ball Screw Diamenter/Pitch (mm)Y:80/16 Z:63/10
Line(hard) Track Width/Number of TracksX:65mm/4 Y:65mm/3 Z:Box Way Type
OtherAir Required (kgf/cm2)6.5
Machine Weight (T)70
Machine Height (mm)7,000
Floor Space (mm2)10,000*9,000
Z Axis Box Way Type (mm)