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Work table size (mm) 850* 500 1,000*500
Machining area (mm) 850*500 1,000*500
X/Y/Z Axis travel (mm) 850/500/600 1,000/500/600
Axis motorMitsubishi (kw) 2.0/2.0/3.5 2.0/2.0/3.5
Axis motorFanuc  (kw) 3/3/3 3/3/3
Cutting feed rateX/Y/Z Axis (mm/min) 1-12,000 1-10,000
Rapid feed rateX/Y/Z Axis (m/min) 36/36/36 36/36/36

1.Takam Machines Quality tests includes:

  - Half complete 3-axis accuracy check

  - Half complete 48 hours test run 

  - Complete 3-axis accuracy check 

  - Complete 48 hours test run

  - 100% complete check 

2.The Takam TW APC double pallet changing machine is installed with Taiwan imported hydraulic changing pallets. 

3.The Takam TW APC auto pallet-changing machine significantly minimizes the installation time that is required by the worker to replace each work piece.

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M-ONE 10 APC High Precision Vertical Machine With Auto Pallet Table
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M-ONE 8 APC Vertical Machine With High Speed Pallet Changer
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