The Benefits of Horizontal Machine Center


When people think about the differences between horizontal machine centers vs. vertical machine centers the first thing anyone thinks about is price. And there is no denying it - the cost of buying an HMC is much higher than that of a VMC. But the purchase price only tells a small part of the story.

Increased Efficiency
Our horizontal machine center TW and MBM series are built for high volume. If your shop only does small batches, the vertical machine center TA, TE, and M-One series might be the way to go. But if you have any interest in taking your shop to the next level with bigger projects and bigger contracts, a horizontal machine center might be something to consider. Additionally, many Horizontal Mills allow the integration of a two-pallet work-changer, making uninterrupted workflow easy and effective.

Increased Precision
Vertical machining centers often require more than one set-up when producing complex parts. The skill-set needed to accomplish this quickly AND precisely is often more than is readily available on the job market.

Increased Sturdiness
Horizontals are often constructed using a rigid box way design. This heavy duty design structure increases rigidity and provides better damping which in turn reduces the wear and tear of vibration and deflection in both the production parts as well as the machine itself.

Increased Profit
While the purchase price for these machines is higher, the increased efficiency means you get higher production for your labor costs. Increased sturdiness means you spend less on maintenance. And increased precision means you can take on a wider range of projects. Having horizontal machine centers allow you to quote at more competitive rates, get more jobs, and make more money.