What are the precautions for a Takam's machine center shutdown and placement during the holiday?


What are the precautions for a Takam machine center shutdown and placement during the holiday?

Now the countdown to the holiday has entered. Before the holidays, Takam Machinery would like to inform all of our customers to pay attention to the inspection and placement of machine shutdown. When the machine is stopped for a long time, we should pay attention to some details, so we have a smooth start after we return from the holidays.

1. Shutdown

1.1 Takam Machine Centers Cleaning Procedures

Clean up the workpiece, fixtures, metal chips, and so on. Clean the metal chips in the external chip removal machine; Wipe out the external sheet metal, and clean the electric box air conditioner and the filter of oil cooler first.

1.2 Anti-rust Treatment

A. Wipe down the work table and smear the anti-rust oil;

B. Spindle taper hole: use the cloth with lubricating oil to wipe the spindle taper hole;

C. Run the machine at a slow speed and lubricate the rails;

D. If the cutting fluid needs to be replaced, give priority to anti-rust treatment. The machine tool needs to add cutting fluid at the beginning.

1.3 Shutdown and power off

Run the X and Y axes to the middle, the Z-axis return to the origin, and turn off the main electrical switch of the machine tool, the incoming switch of the transformer, the air source, etc.

1.4 Keep away from rain and moisture

Close the electrical box for protection.

1.5 Rat proof processing

The machine tool is well protected against rodents to prevent rats from biting off the wires.

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2. Starting up

2.1 Check before starting up

Check the surrounding environment of the machine tool, whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as water or liquid in the electrical box, whether the oil has deteriorated, and whether the oil such as the tool cylinder, rail lubricator, the oil cooler is sufficient;   

2.2 Gradually starting up

The external main switch is powered on first, check whether the voltage is out of phase and too low, turn on the power of the machine tool under abnormal conditions, and observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon or air leakage;  

2.3 Starting up observation

Under the condition of no alarm when starting up, do not perform any action and let the electrical components be energized for 30 minutes;

2.4 Slow moving

Check for interference, move the machine tool with the handwheel all the way, pay attention to any abnormalities, and then perform the origin return step.

2.5 Machine running

Run the machine slowly at a slow speed for a long time, and rotate the spindle at a low speed.

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3. Placement conditions

3.1 Takam CNC Vertical Machine Centers should be placed in a constant temperature environment, and the working environment temperature should be between 0~35. Avoid direct sunlight on the CNC vertical machine center, and avoid the influence of humidity and airflow. Generally speaking, an exhaust fan is installed inside the electric control box to keep the electronic components, especially the central processor's working temperature is constant or the temperature difference changes little. Extremely low temperature or instability will reduce the life of control system components and lead to increased failures. At the same time, the room should be equipped with good lighting equipment.

3.2 To improve the accuracy of machining parts on the Takam machine centers and reduce the deformation of the machine centers, if necessary, the CNC machine tool can be installed in a relatively closed workshop equipped with air-conditioning equipment.

3.3 The relative humidity of the working environment should be less than 75%. When the humidity increase in dust will cause adhesion on the integrated circuit board and cause short circuits. Therefore, pay extra attention to the environment in rain and snow, and keep it as dry as possible. You can also add a dust cover on the machine to prevent dust.

3.4 Takam CNC Machine Centers should be installed in a place away from liquid splashes and prevent leakage of water from the workshop. Keep away from the environment with excessive dust and corrosive gas, and away from equipment with strong vibration (such as punch) and equipment with electromagnetic interference.

Everyone remember to do a good job of machine shutdown and placement before the holidays so we all have a smooth near year start in the coming year.

Takam machinery teams wish you a happy holiday and all the best.