The groundbreaking ceremony and foundation laying ceremony of the factory construction project of Fujian Takam Machinery Co., Ltd. were held ceremoniously.

On the morning of July 28th, 2022, the groundbreaking ceremony and foundation laying ceremony of the factory construction project of Fujian Daikin Machinery Co., Ltd. was held in Jingcheng High-tech Industrial Park, Zhangzhou City. The project site was full of colorful flags and flowers. The secretary of Nanjing High-tech Park, the director of the park, the chairman of Dajinlin, the construction party and other leaders attended the ceremony. The distinguished guests at the meeting positively affirmed Daikin's vigorous development and were full of confidence and expectation for the future of the new factory.

Introduction of project investment:
1. In 2022, in order to solve the problem of factory congestion, increase the scale and research and develop new projects, the Group purchased 125.79 mu of land in Nanjing, and realized group operation. It plans to invest 400 million yuan and set up three companies to carry out group operation.

2. According to the design plan, No.1 workshop belongs to Fujian Jianchuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of 29.3 mu, with an investment of 100 million yuan, with an annual output of more than 5,000 tons of sheet metal processing and hardware processing with an output value of more than 80 million yuan. The annual output value is expected to exceed 150 million yuan.

3. Workshop No.2 belongs to Fujian Jinmeide Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of 41.1 mu with an investment of 150 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in the production of CNC lathes, with an annual output of over 3,500 units and an estimated output value of over 200 million units. It is planned to introduce the production of high-end precision fittings for screw rods and wire gauges.

4.3#4#5# workshop belongs to Fujian Daikin Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of 45.6 mu, with an investment of 150 million. It is mainly engaged in the production, brand packaging and sales of CNC lathes, with an annual sales volume of more than 3,000 sets and an output value exceeding 500 million.

Ground-laying ceremony presentation site:
At the beginning of the ceremony, representative Wu Shaokun, General Assistant of Daikin Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech on the stage, and extended his heartfelt thanks to all leaders, friends from all walks of life and relevant units who attended the ceremony and supported Daikin for a long time.

Chairman Lin of Daikin Machinery Co., Ltd. delivered a speech to welcome you.

Work together to achieve greater success:

As the firecrackers exploded on the scene, Wu Shaokun, the general assistant, presided over the foundation laying with the leaders. In the future, this new factory will provide a strong guarantee to cope with the increasing production capacity, give full play to its brand advantages, continuously enhance its product innovation and market development capabilities, and lay a foundation for meeting the global customer demand.

Display of the construction effect map of the factory area:

The smooth progress of the groundbreaking ceremony greatly encouraged the morale of the employees, strengthened their determination to struggle, and created a good start for the construction of the new factory.
Daikin Machinery, as a well-known enterprise with more than 30 years of experience, has been embracing change and pursuing technological innovation. In the face of a strong market situation, Daikin will still help more and more partners to make breakthroughs, continuously develop and grow, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results with its leading technical strength.