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22/02/2021 Artics
We are starting to work on the year of Ox, welcome to chat!
05/02/2021 Artics
Our company will be closed from February 6th until February 20th, 2021. In 2021 we hope and pray for a more positive outcome to come, and the great relationships that it will bring us. First of all, thank you for your support and help in the past 2020. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to make efforts to advance with The Times, dedicated to providing our customers with better service and higher quality CNC machining center.
Happy Chinese spring festival!
03/02/2021 Artics
Half a century ago, machinists were always responsible for crafting every single piece to perfection. These skills are still needed, but when it comes to producing the same piece at high volume and high precision, computerized machines are vastly superior. That’s where Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining comes in.
The advantages and disadvantages of CNC Machine
02/02/2021 Artics
Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are designed to manufacture a wide variety of items. As such, there are several different types of commonly used CNC machines. These machines are not your average machines and require much effort and practice to be able to produce high-quality commercial products. All these machines use G-code which is the language that a CNC machine understands. Now all the different types of CNC machines cater to a specific purpose.
What types of CNC machines are there?
27/01/2021 Artics
Automation in manufacturing is an incredibly efficient way to produce goods. This approach has become more and more common than ever with the advent of advanced technologies in recent years. One concept under this umbrella that makes machinery work properly is known as computer numerical control.
What is computer numerical control (CNC)?
19/01/2021 Artics
As everyone knows the history of computer numerical control (CNC) goes through three stages. Phase I: Manual operating apparatus In the process of industrial modernization, human beings have experienced a long history of manual processing of parts.
The history of computer numerical control (CNC)
10/01/2021 Artics
The annual symposium was successfully held!
The annual symposium was successfully held!
23/12/2020 Artics
On Wednesday, after careful preparation and clever packaging, our MONE 800X is ready to go to Pakistan. Last month, our customers visited the company and inspected the MONE 800X with Siemens 840D. After a week of testing, check the MONE 800X was successfully completed. Thanks to our engineering team and beloved customers for your support and trust.
23/12/2020 Artics
Now the countdown to the holiday has entered. Before the holidays, Takam Machinery would like to inform all of our customers to pay attention to the inspection and placement of machine shutdown. When the machine is stopped for a long time, we should pay attention to some details, so we have a smooth start after we return from the holidays.
What are the precautions for a Takam's machine center shutdown and placement during the holiday?
23/12/2020 Artics
The Takam teams carry such big happiness to congratulate our customer Machine Technology Team for its 3rd anniversary of establishment and open house party, we know you guys have been working hard, we are lucky to have your team as one of our product users of TE-855 CNC Vertical Machine, in the end, Takam teams wish you good luck and a prosperous future! We strive for the continuous and great cooperation.
Congratulate Our Customer Machine Technology Team for its 3rd Anniversary of Establishment