How Often Should You Inspect Your Manufacturing Equipment?


Like any other type of machinery, manufacturing equipment has a tendency to wear out over time. You may find that your equipment stops working at inappropriate times without regular inspections. A lack of maintenance may also result in injury or a catastrophic event such as a fire. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are wondering how often you should inspect your manufacturing equipment.

Understanding Your Equipment

The amount of time that passes between inspections is dependent on not just the type of manufacturing equipment, but also the way you use it. When deciding how you perform inspections, environmental factors play a major role. For example, a machine that is kept at a specific (safe) temperature all year round in a secured facility tends to not need to inspect as often as equipment that is used outside under a variety of conditions.

Getting the Hang of It

Though it’s always good to take the manufacturer’s advice when it comes to inspections, doing your own research to add onto their suggestions can further maintain your manufacturing equipment. Using your own experience, plus industry advice can give you a customized inspection process. Make sure to keep records of how and what you do during the inspection after doing your own research, as well as any notes about changes that have happened between each one.

More awareness not only promotes safety, it also saves money. By keeping the machine you have longer with the help of better maintenance, you have a chance to support your bottom line with fewer purchases. It also allows the employees to work without the fear of injury due to faulty machines and that facilities stay intact without the risk of a potential meltdown.