M-one20 High Efficiency C Type Vertival Machining Center
M-one20 High Efficiency C Type Vertival Machining Center

M-one20 High Efficiency C Type Vertival Machining Center

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TAKAM Machinery uses the strongest, most durable and fastest machine. It is hard to believe there is a better designed vertical machine out there. For the M-ONE 8 vertical machine in the Z-Axis we go against the norm and use 6 high precision sliding blocks to increase the rigidity, also to ensure the when the machine is undergoing heavy duty

M-ONE Series Control Panel

The M-ONE 20 machine control panel is designed with the operator in mind. The control panel design gives the operator maximum comfort since the operator can adjust the control panel to their specific needs.

Since the control panel is adjustable with maximum comfort the operator can be able to have long operating hour without the feel of tiredness.

Strong Powerful Base

The M-ONE 20 Vertical machine center is designed with heavy duty cutting for its main purpose.

That is why for the M-ONE 20 vertical machine center's base has four guideways in its Y-Axis, as you can see in the photo above besides the two linear guideways, there is also two additional box way guides as support to withhold the heavy pressure when the machine is going through the heavy cutting process.


Rapid travel

Every axis

C3 High grade


7 bearings

import ball screws

With the consideration of speed and productivity in mind, we especially analyzed and made sure our machine structure is different compared to other manufacturers. We found a way to decrease the heavyweight but increase the rigidity and durability of the machine. From the testing of the machine to every precison part that is used on this machine is all carefully selected.

Work table size (mm)1,300*700
Machining area (mm)1,200*600
X/Y/Z Axis travel (mm)1,200*600*620
Spindle motor (kw/hp)11/15
Axis motorMitsubishi(kw)2.0/2.0/3.0
Axis motorFanuc(kw)3/3/3
Cutting feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(mm/min)1-10,000
Rapid feed rateX/Y/Z Axis(m/min)36/36/24
(X/Y/Z Axis) Linear guideway 
Position accuracy (mm)±±0.005
Repeatability (mm)±±0.003

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